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They're also called Tuxedo? Tuxedo family dress guide.

In the Tuxedo family, each Tuxedo has its own individuality, except for the top part, the rest is basically interchangeable. The special features of the tops can be borrowed from each other, for example, the standard Tuxedo mentioned before is a typical mix of American and French ways of wearing. " 4 Tips Teaches You How To Choose The Tuxedo For You "  This is what makes Tuxedo unique and attractive.

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Imagine, when you want to attend a special occasion, want to buy a set of formal suit dresses do not know what to choose, you can try Tuxedo dress, it can not only hold all kinds of occasions, but also enough to stand out.

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In our previous article, we talked about the classic Tuxedo style and how to wear it. The classic Tuxedo is certainly the most conservative dressing choice for men, but it is indeed too dull and old-fashioned. The owner of the dress will not tell you that he has been selling this style for more than ten years. If you want to have enough charm to attract the attention of women in the same field, follow us to see the following Tuxedo family branches that can be enough to stun you.

Mens Tuxedo Action Fancy Tuxedo


Fancy Tuxedo

Fancy Tuxedo is derived from the standard Tuxedo dress, and formed a relatively independent, entertaining semi-formal evening dress. It has a personality gene that formal dresses do not have. If standard Tuxedo dresses (British, American, Italian) are the set of formal evening dresses, then Fancy Tuxedo is the set of evening party and entertainment dresses. 

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The Fancy Tuxedo was officially developed in the United States around the 1930s and was a popular choice for young gentlemen and entertainers to express their rebellion and individuality.

 Due to the unique dress genes of Fancy Tuxedo, it is often considered as a casual version of formal evening dresses and cannot appear as a formal Tuxedo evening dress, but in fact, Fancy Tuxedo can also appear in formal evening dresses out. In the current era of the pursuit of personalization, a suitable Fancy Tuxedo can often better highlight their character and charm.

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What kind of dress can be called Fancy Tuxedo?

The standard Tuxedo dress is a black bow tie and black vest (or black Cummerbund), so when this rule is broken, it can no longer be called a standard Tuxedo. For example: when wearing a non-existent black dark flower bow tie or vest (or Cummerbund) Tuxedo is no longer considered standard Tuxedo, this attire can be seen as a formal version of Fancy Tuxedo, can be used on the same occasion as the standard Tuxedo.


Moreover, like Smoking jacket evolved Smoking Tuxedo, this kind of Tuxedo style often respected by the entertainment industry is also accepted by modern people, gradually evolved into a formal Tuxedo dress, appearing in various parties and even formal dinner.

Smoking Jacket Tuxedo Action

The three types of Fancy Tuxedo

  • Formal "Fancy Tuxedo"

When the main suit remains unchanged, only the bow tie or undershirt (Cummerbund) color is changed, it is called the formal version of "Fancy Tuxedo". It is a transitional product of the casualization of the standard Tuxedo, and when the color is closer to the standard, the grade is closer to the standard Tuxedo. early 20th century Americans were fond of wearing this type of Tuxedo to show their extraordinary. The modern dressing culture can also be seen everywhere borrowed from this way of wearing suit, mostly expressed as the matching of different color vest.

Fancy Tuxedo Early 20th Century Tuxedo Action

  • Smoking Tuxedo

If I were asked to rank my favorite models in the Tuxedo family, there is no doubt that the first place is the English Standard Tuxedo, and if I were to choose the second place, I would undoubtedly choose - Smoking Tuxedo, no reason.

Smoking Tuxedo Action

Smoking Tuxedo standard, the upper half of the main body, matching clothes, accessories are used fancy/heterochromatic elements, the bottom part of the same standard Tuxedo. commonly used fabric is velvet.

Mens velvet tuxedo action

In addition, it is worth mentioning that when choosing shoes for smoking clothes Tuxedo, in addition to black patent leather shoes, there is a unique shoe, commonly known as "smoking shoes" fabric material and color with the main clothes, the original is also the evolution of living shoes, commonly used on the occasion of leisure (party, etc.). The socks can be paired with plain colors or with floral colors, and the smoking shoes should be tailored to the actual occasion.

mens smoking shoes tuxedo action

Smoking Tuxedo is the only Tuxedo that is allowed to use brightly colored main clothes in Tuxedo dresses, which is one of the unique features of Smoking Tuxedo, and the later casual suits evolved from it.

Colorful Tuxedo Action

Men's Closure Collar Gradient Sequin Tuxedo Action

  • Casual“Fancy Tuxedo”

Casual Tuxedo has actually been completely separated from the Tuxedo family in terms of appearance, because in addition to the Tuxedo's trademark vest with a bow tie, its appearance is characterized mainly by the characteristics of suit regular clothes. This is the most common is the BLazer style Tuxedo, can be understood as when Blazer with vest and bow tie, because there are elements of Tuxedo, also naturally become a Tuxedo dress, it will be a rare fashion and sports characteristics of the dress, the best performance.

Mens casual tuxedo action with bowtie

The above is all the basic knowledge of Fancy Tuxedo, although the combination of Fancy Tuxedo in many ways, there is a casual meaning in, but after all, still belongs to the Tuxedo family, belongs to the dress category, so its dress language has not disappeared, such as white dress shirt, sophisticated undershirt (or belt), bow tie, black patent leather shoes, etc., these are necessary, you prospective Gentlemen must pay more attention when choosing oh.

mens casual tuxedo with bowtie tuxedo action

The following introduces the last member of the Tuxedo family - Summer TuxedoSummer Tuxedo whose features are very similar to the Fancy Tuxedo, both belong to the standard Tuxedo personality version, both to emphasize the performance of personality and use in formal evening occasions dress. And when it comes to Summer Tuxedo, we must first introduce his sibling - MESS dress "MESS".

Mess - Originated from the British Army officers' mess uniform

Mens mess tuxedo action

Mess originated in England, it is a summer evening dress of British origin, first appearing in 1889 as an officer's dinner dress for the British army in India. Due to the tropical climate in India, the model was an abbreviated version of the tuxedo, with the tails removed and the upper body in white (the principle of non-heat absorption), with a kama crepe trim, which was simpler and better heat dissipation than the vest.

swallowtail & Mess tuxedo action

However, because of its unique short style, it fits the work habits of servants and waiters, so it is now often used as a dress for waiters in luxury hotels (or venues).
But anyway, the appearance of Mess, with the style of white on top and black on the bottom, gave those "rebellious" gentlemen and style people the greatest imagination, which also contributed to the emergence and popularity of Summer Tuxedo.   

Mens swallowtail and Mess Tuxedo Action

In 1892, Mess was officially included in the Tuxedo family, and became popular as a formal summer evening dress.
In 1920, Mess appeared in the United States and became popular among the aristocratic society of the East Coast. In the same period, summer Tuxedo with American style appeared and became popular.

Early 20th century men's swallowtail tuxedos and mess

Summer Tuxedo

The white top with black pants was the basic feature of the summer Tuxedo, which was the perfect embodiment of "pragmatism" in the summer social dress of the American aristocrats at that time, and it was also the materialized product of the Americanization of Mess (Tuxedoization).

This new dress developed out of pragmatism, but unexpectedly produced a stunning beauty.

 Summer Tuxedo Action

 This is one of the important reasons why "Summer Tuxedo" has a place in the Tuxedo family and has been passed on to this day. 

"Summer Tuxedo" is also a member of the Tuxedo family, so in addition to the signature white top, it can be used for all of Tuxedo's clothing & accessories.

white summer tuxedo action

It is worth mentioning that the "Summer" white top originally appeared because of the role of the season (summer), but as time progressed, this concept no longer mattered and the white top could be considered the only signature element of the chata and a personalized formal evening dress element.

In other words, in modern society, the chata has been removed from the boundaries of the seasons and has become a universal evening dress for all seasons. And because of its special shape and elegant expression, it has gained the same respect as the "Fancy Tuxedo", and has become a great success in the entertainment and fashion industry.

summer tuxedo action in oscar

Well, the above is all about the Tuxedo family branches. We must thank the excellent designers for their wide imagination and creative space to create rich fashion with Tuxedo genetic code.

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