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You must realize the fact that there are thousands of clothing manufacturers in the world. Inevitably, there may be slight differences in size standards because of the different measurement systems. All of these differences can lead to the clothes incorrectly fitting.

Tuxedo Action will show you the measuring method we applied


How to Measure The Product’s Size? 

  • Shoulder

Measure between the outermost edges of the shoulders. Good reference points for the start and end are the seams one the edge of the shoulders. Measure across, close to the bowest part of the shirt collar.


  • Chest

Measure around the chest where it is largest, right across the nipples. Breathe normally. Note that this measurement should be taken with a finger inside the measuring tape.


  •  Waist

Measure around the stomach, in line with the navel. Breathe normally. Note that this measurement should be taken with a finger inside the measuring tape.


  • Length

Start at the middle of the shoulder. A good reference for the starting point is the shoulder seam of your shirt. Measure straight down to he middle of the thumb. Breathe normally.


  • Sleeves

From the outermost edge of the shoulder, same point as shoulder measurement, measure down to the start of the thumb.The arm should hang staright down.



Before you buy a piece of clothes, please keep the following two questions in mind.

  • What are the common mistakes you may make in choosing the sizes?
    • Choose the size only based on your height or weight.
    • Simply choose the size which you normally wear comfortably.


  • How to select the right size?
    • Measure your body size correctly.
    • Generally speaking, clothing sizes are slightly larger than the actual human body size. When men purchase clothing, the chest size of men’s clothing should be 4-6 inches larger than the body size, and the clothing waist size between 0.8 to 1.6 inches larger than the body size. (The information above is just for your reference only)
    • Simply select the nearest size.

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