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How to care my Tuxedo/Suit ?

A Tuxedo is one of the most important pieces of clothing in a man's closet. You may not wear a Tuxedo every day, but you need to have a properly kept Tuxedo hanging in your closet to deal with various occasions. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of your suit, the "life" of a good suit will become short and limited.

Tips for Clean Suit

Men's suits are generally required to be dry cleaned in terms of washing. Be sure to find a specialized and reliable dry cleaner who provides professional care for your suit, reducing the possibility of staining and the fabric of the suit being ironed.

Dry clean your suits according to your needs and minimize the number of cleanings. The maximum durability of general suits is 4~5 years, and in terms of washing methods even for dry cleaning, top brands only guarantee no blistering within 6 dry cleaning times. The main component of the senior suit fabric is wool, and since dry cleaners can be a little negligent in the choice of washing methods and washing liquids, it is recommended that the number of times a suit is dry cleaned should be minimized, once a year is the best.

When the suit is soiled, it is important to remove the stains on top of the suit in time so that the stains are not easy to remove for too long. If there is a small area of stain you can use the partial cleaning method, to produce the stain in the shortest time with a cloth dipped in water or a little detergent gently rub, the stain will slowly disappear. Be careful not to rub the stain or dirt hard to avoid its penetration into the fabric.

Inform the dry cleaner where your suit stains remain so that the dry cleaner does not neglect to cause permanent residual stains.

When you take off your suit and don't wear it, remember to use a professional suit brush to brush away the dust and keep the suit clean. Dust dirt is the biggest enemy of suits and will make them lose their new feel, so you must use a brush to gently brush away the dust. Sometimes suits are stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove, you can use tape paper to adsorb it, which works well.

Caring Symbols for Suit

You certainly don't want to do something that will damage your suit, then you should read the labels on your suit carefully and be clear about the meaning and instructions of these labels. Of course, sometimes these labels can give us a headache. This may be what we think of as a laundry label, but you still need to have the patience to read it carefully~

Tips for hanging Jackets of Mens Suit

It is recommended that a suit should not be worn for more than two consecutive days. Most of the high quality suits are made of natural fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, etc. After wearing such suits, they are deformed due to local tension, but let it rest properly and recover, so two or three sets should be prepared to change and wear. Try to reduce the accumulation of a lot of clothes to avoid wrinkles and color mixing in your suit. When you are not wearing the suit, take care to remove the pockets and unbutton the suit to keep it in its original shape. Dust off the top of the suit with a brush and hang it well in your closet. (In daily wear, you should also try to avoid too much stuff in the pockets of the suit, as this may loosen the threads at the suit's joints and also make the suit easily deformed)

Hang your suit on a good quality wooden hanger and store it in a bag (or box) to protect it from moisture and dust when the season changes. The best way to hang your suit is to use a wide handle circular hanger made of wood or plastic, this kind of hanger is mostly made into a trouser hanger, pants can be hung upside down with a trouser hanger, or a trouser hanger with a clip, align the trouser line, clip the trouser leg and hang it upside down.

Tips for Ironing Mens Suit


Please note, do not iron directly. Adjust the temperature and choose the steam setting to gently smoke the iron. After the suit is dusted, use the steam iron to spray enough steam on the suit, especially in places where there is a lot of activity: elbows, knees, sleeves, waist, etc. are the key objects of care.

After using steam to let the fabric absorb enough water water, gently pull flat the area with folds, which should not be pulled only to one place, but towards the west circumference balanced pull flat. When ironing pants, be sure to cover a layer of thin cotton cloth, and then slowly move the iron, do not rush to remove the cloth after the cloud, wait for the cool down and then remove the trouser line can be maintained for a longer period of time.

How to fold a suit


Tips: remove the shine on the suit long-wearing suit

Especially the glossy fabric , in the elbow and knee easy to produce shine, you can prepare half a basin of water, and a few drops of acetic acid or lemon juice into the water, dip the towel wet, wipe the towel in one direction a few times, you can remove the shine.

Tips: easy wrinkle removal tips

In addition to the convenient hanging ironing machine, the easiest way is to hang the suit in a place with a little humidity, for example, hang the suit in a fresh bath to use water vapor to help remove wrinkles, but it is also recommended not to leave it too long, so as not to affect the effect of too much humidity, and then take it out and put it in a ventilated place to blow dry.


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