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Tuxedo action leads the way in 2024: A guide to the mens sequin suit

With June 2024 upon us, are you ready to be the center of attention with your unique style for homecoming, weddings, dates, parties and more? Today, we at tuxedo action bring you a unique style guide focused on the charms and options of the mens sequin suit.

The composition and characteristics of sequin suit

The mens sequin suit usually consists of a top and a pair of pants, made of matching fabric.

In addition, the details of the sequin suit are also very careful. For example, the lapel portion of a jacket is usually made of satin or silk, while the sides of pants may have sequin stripes that match the jacket, making the overall look more coordinated and unified. This is where a regular suit differs from a mens sequin suit, which is more formal and high-end in nature.

When it comes to formal wear, the terms "sequin suit" and "suits" are often used interchangeably, but you have to know the key difference between the two.

Let's break it down.

Next, I will introduce various styles of mens sequin suit in our store.

1.Men’s 2-Piece Linen Sparkle Gridline Champagne Suit

The mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action is made of high-quality materials and is light and breathable, making it ideal for spring and summer. The main color of champagne with delicate grid lines and sequins design, simple and without losing the atmosphere, can very well modify the face shape, show the elegant temperament of men

Collocation suggestions:

Lined with a plain white shirt, a pair of black or brown leather shoes is a good choice, and paired with a simple tie or bow tie can add a highlight to your ensemble and make you stand out from the crowd.

2.Men's Exquisite Shawl Lapel Floral Sequin Red Tuxedo Jacket

The mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action offers a unique blend of charm and elegance with its sophisticated design and red floral sequins. Red sequins shine in the light and complement the floral pattern to create a noble and romantic atmosphere.

Collocation suggestions:

Choose a pair of black or dark pants, choose a simple tie or bow tie, and prepare a pair of black or brown shoes to keep the overall look coordinated and unified.

3.Men's Flashy Suit with Purple and Blue Gradient Flash

This mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action infuses the traditional black suit with a modern touch with its unique glitter design. The lapels and delicate buttons of the top, paired with the double pleats of the black pants, show elegance and sophistication.

Collocation suggestions:

Choose a simple white or black shirt as the inner match, pick a pair of black or dark brown shoes, prepare a simple tie or bow tie, and a delicate watch is the perfect choice.

4.Men's Full Sequin Golden Geometric Pattern Black Tuxedo Jacket

The mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action, with its unique sequins and blue Paisley pattern, offers men a formal yet stylish option to wear. The dark blue base of the jacket is embellished with pink and purple floral patterns.

Collocation suggestions:

Wear a white shirt underneath to highlight the pattern and color of the top, and choose a black bow tie as an embellish. This suit is perfect for weddings, dinners and other formal occasions, making you stand out from the crowd.

5.Men's Shimmering Argyle Pattern Silver Tuxedo Jacket

Designed in its unique silver sequin diamond pattern, this mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action shines for formal occasions. Its black undertone and silver gloss make you the center of attention at dinners, parties or other special occasions.

Collocation suggestions:

Pair classic black dress pants with a black bow tie or white shirt for an elegant and stylish look. You can also try a pocket square, the details show taste, men's unique charm of fashion items.

6.Men's Golden Blossom Black Sequin Tuxedo Jacket

The mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action celebrates unmatched luxury and style with its unique gold floral pattern and black sequins, lapel design and red brooch embellishment.

Collocation suggestions:

Black tie and white shirt, not only shows the gentleman's demeanor, but also your personality and taste show incisively and vividly.

In order to make these outfits truly play a charm, accessories are equally important. Here are some suggestions for the mens sequin suit from Tuxedo action stores:

Bow ties: A classic black silk bow tie is a timeless choice, but try a bow tie with a subtle texture or pattern to highlight your unique taste.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks add sophistication to the mens sequin suit. Choose simple gold and silver cufflinks or cufflinks with a unique design to make your arm line more elegant.

Shoes and socks: A pair of shiny patent leather shoes and dark socks can make your Sequin Suits more dignified.

When matching, pay attention to the harmony and balance of the overall style, so that every accessory can be perfectly integrated with Sequin Suits.

Tuxedo Action is the new benchmark for men's fashion dresses. We have selected a range of high quality men's clothing, including classic tuxedos, stylish blazers, sophisticated shirts and more, each of which combines modern trends with classic elements to show a unique male charm.

In our store, you can choose the style you want anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about Mens sequin suit

Q:When do men wear sequin suits?

A:Dinners and dances: Sequined suits are especially appropriate for formal or semi-formal dinners and dances, where their ornate appearance reflects dignity and decorum.

Special celebrations: New Year parties, weddings and other celebrations, sequin suits to add festive and stylish sense of occasion.

Performance and entertainment: For the performing artist or entertainment participant, the sequined suit helps him or her become the center of attention on stage.

Awards ceremony: At social occasions such as award ceremonies, sequined suits highlight personal style and leave a deep impression.

Q:How to match the sequin suit pants?

A:Classic black trousers: Highlight the gorgeous sense of the coat, steady and stylish.

The same color pants: with the coat color echo, create a harmonious overall shape.

Casual pants: Suitable for relaxed occasions, pay attention to the coordination of color and coat.

When matching, choose leather shoes with appropriate matching, enhance the overall shape.

Q:Three piece sequin suit introduction

A:A three-piece sequined suit with jacket, vest and trousers is suitable for formal occasions and shows a man's unique taste.

Tuxedo Action provides you with a quality shopping experience, welcome to visit the store and explore the charm of men's fashion~

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