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Dear social media influencer,

We cordially invite you to join the Tuxedo Action Influencer Collaboration Program! As a E-commerce company specializing in men's Tuxedos and Suits, we recognize your influence and charm on social media and believe that collaborating with you will bring tremendous momentum to our brand.

Why choose to collaborate with Tuxedo Action?

1. Exclusive clothing designs: We will provide you with exclusive designs of men's Tuxedos and Suits, allowing you to showcase your fashion and taste on social media.

2. Excellent exposure opportunities: Our website attracts hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. Once you collaborate with us, your videos or photos will receive long-term exposure on our website, allowing more people to appreciate your work and increasing your influence and visibility.

3. Diverse collaboration options: We offer various collaboration options, including free sample giveaways, one-time payment collaborations, long-term partnership arrangements, and commission-based collaborations. We are open to discussing and tailoring the collaboration model that best suits you, ensuring fair and attractive compensation.

4. Strong marketing promotion: We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in brand advertising, and our advertising budget is steadily increasing. By collaborating with us, your work will be exposed alongside our promotional activities, spreading your influence to a wider audience.

We believe that through our collaboration, the Tuxedo Action brand will gain greater recognition and influence. We strive to create a fashion revolution together, ignite passion, and achieve extraordinary results!

How to apply for collaboration?

Applying for collaboration is simple! You can contact our team via email, and we will respond promptly and provide further guidance. We are committed to establishing a strong partnership, offering comprehensive support and assistance.
Contact information:
- Email:

We look forward to having you join us on an unforgettable fashion journey! Let's ignite passion and create something extraordinary together!

Warm regards,

The Tuxedo Action Team

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